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Despite the some-what poor render, I have good news! Myself and a friend will be introducing a line of FFU’s. These will include a H14 filter, various sizes, full stainless steel bodied, manufactured with a fan speed controller as well as some optional extras such-as Polycarbonate sides and top LED lighting and a wall-mounted fan speed controller to name a few!

Since Covid and Brexit have severely impacted products coming in from abroad, the solution was simple, though I was very happy with the quality and performance of my recent batch of FFU’s, global instability has driven us to build British!

We’re both very excited for this project, we expect the first model to be available before the end of 2021. If you’re interested in purchasing one of these when they become available, please sign up using the email list below!

Any questions, feel free to contact me!

Happy Mushrooming


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2 thoughts on “British Built FFU’s – Available Soon!

  1. Ja says:

    Well done guys look forward to seeing the results. Have to say it sounds like a great idea as the options are pretty slim in the UK atm…

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