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4T Unicorn Grow Bags


  • Polypropylene (PP5)
  • Autoclave/Pressure Cooker Safe up to 126c
  • 10cm x 46cm – W x L 
  • 0.2 Micron Filter
  • Suitable For Grain and Substrate
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The 4T is the smallest mushroom growbag Unicorn produce. They are most commonly used for spawn and have a capacity of approximately 1kg. Unicorn bags are capable of withstanding high temperatures thanks to their high-quality polypropylene composition and strong seam crimp.
The filter patches are made up of layers of laminated polypropylene non-woven and polypropylene membrane allowing for a high volume of safe, sterile gas exchange without the risk of contamination. The filters are also designed in such a way that minimal amounts of water are transposed. The bags can be sealed with the use of a heat-sealer, cable ties, bag clip or pegs.

It is not necessary to seal the bag before sterilisation. Unicorn bags temporarily adhere to themselves during the heating cycle creating a sterile seal.
These bags are a high quality, genuine Unicorn made in the USA and should not be confused with the cheaper, thinner versions from China.

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